• Logistics industry concerns grow as US shutdown continues

    The longest government shutdown in US history has had little impact on logistics so far, but the threat to supply chains is growing as the political deadlock enters its 25th day. Furthermore, the shutdown could delay crucial trade talks with China, adding more uncertainty over new tariffs during the busy period prior to Chinese New […]

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  • China’s new e-commerce regulations targets outlaws

    New regulations were imposed on China’s e-commerce sector on 1 January 2019 with the intention of protecting consumers and brand owners. E-Commerce sales are ballooning in China with over USD403 million in revenue in 2016 increasing to an expected US$740 million in 2019, according to Statista.com. In an International Post Corporation report, between 2013 and […]

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  • Shippers question new sulphur cap surcharges

    The early introduction of sulphur cap surcharges imposed by some leading container shipping companies has led to complaints of unfair practice by shippers’ associations in Asia and Europe. The International Maritime Organization is set to implement the new sulphur limit on 1 January 2020, but there is consternation from freight buyers that they are already […]

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  • ICC aims to simplify and streamline Incoterms

    The Incoterms are set to change in their once-a-decade revamp in 2020. The new terms are currently being drafted by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), which publishes the conditions. The Committee of Experts drafting the document is comprised of lawyers, traders and company representatives from around the world, including France, the UK, Germany, Turkey […]

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  • Mega-ships cause headaches for Europe’s intermodal networks

    The European supply chain in 2018 continued its struggle to handle increasing container volumes coming in through its hub ports on mega-ships. The increased volumes ruthlessly exposed the shortcomings of a siloed intermodal system. More than 15 percent of ships in service and 41.3 percent of the order book are ships of 14,000 TEU and […]

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  • Tariffs impact luxury goods sector in Hong Kong and mainland China

    The consumer looking to purchase luxury goods sourced from China may need to look elsewhere until the trade war between the US and China calms down. Approximately 5000 products in the luxury goods sector were subject to a 10% tariff in late September, according to a Marketwatch.comarticle. The tariff was due to increase to 25% […]

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  • Extreme weather impacts the supply chain

    The World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Landscape 2018 highlighted extreme weather events as the most likely and highest impact risk of 2018. In the report’s short 13-year history, the landscape has seen all five environmental categories, as being the highest risk. These risks are naturally of great concern for businesses, and already a sobering reality […]

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  • Telematics in trucking

    The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing everything – from our homes, to our communities, and of course the way we conduct business. Now, even trucking is a connected business, thanks to telematics technology. Telematics is a technology that allows data captured while driving to be processed and transmitted over long-distances. Insurers are already using […]

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  • The roadblocks to blockchain

    Blockchain is an unalterable digital ledger that allows different segments of a supply chain to capture information about products, including the product’s origin, where it’s been, how it got to its destination, and more. By creating this permanent history of a product from production to sale, it is widely believed that blockchain will increase trust, […]

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  • E-commerce year in review

    E-commerce is (still) booming. In China alone, more than half a billion shoppers purchased items online in 2017, and that number sits in the shadow of 2018’s growth. In 2017, worldwide e-commerce totalled US$2.3 trillion. In 2018, Statista estimates global online retail sales will be US$2.8 trillion, and revenues are projected to grow to US$4.88 […]

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  • Shipping joins the war on plastic packaging

    There’s been a tidal wave of change recently in the fight against plastic and change is coming for the shipping industry, as well. Consumers have spoken and the consensus points to the increasingly important need to phase out single-use plastics in consumer products, packaging, and shipping materials. Biodegradability and sustainability are key in today’s discerning […]

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  • Airfreight year in review

    2017 was a stellar year for air cargo, with the industry celebrating a full recovery and 10.1 percent growth, more than doubling the estimated long-term growth rate, according to Boeing. While 2018 hasn’t delivered equally prosperous conditions, airfreight growth is positive and expected to be around four percent for the year, according to The International […]

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