• News Clippings, 21 September 2019

    Maersk to introduce new fuel billing system From January 2019, Maersk will introduce a predictive bunker adjustment factor (BAF) in order more accurately reflect the fluctuations in oil price surcharges that are passed on to its customers. The action has been taken as the carrier is facing an extra fuel bill of more than $2bn […]

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  • News Clippings, 17 August 2018

     India suffers growing trade gap as Rupee tumbles India has suffered a double blow as its trade deficit – the gap between imports and exports – widened to it largest margin in the last five years. A perfect storm of higher oil prices and the fall out from the Turkish Lira currency crisis, resulted in […]

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  • News Clippings, 09 August 2018

     Remote-control cargo plane study riles US pilot unions A study that recommends allowing remote control co-pilots for cargo aircraft has been condemned by unions representing pilots from 50 airlines. The idea is that planes can be flown with one pilot and with a ground-based co-pilot, this has led to a strong protest that remote control […]

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  • News Clippings, 02 August 2018

    COSCO completes takeover of OOCL China’s largest shipping line COSCO, formally completed its takeover of Hong Kong-based global carrier OOCL. A statement issued by COSCO said that there would be a deepening of cooperation between the two shipping lines, but that OOCL will continue to operate as a separate brand and set its own business […]

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  • News Clippings, 20 July 2018

    India ends cabotage as Chennai slashes trans-shipment rates India has ended cabotage rules, which has spurred on the Port of Chennai to reduce rates by up to 70 per cent on short-sea feeder trans-shipment cargo. The Port Trust announced a number of tariff cuts for domestic and foreign ocean carriers handling transhipment export-import containers. Carriers […]

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  • News Clippings, 12 July 2018

    Iran services withdrawn by CMA CGM as US sanctions bite CMA CGM has ended its services to Iran, following the US Government’s decision to renew sanctions on the country. The carrier’s Chief Executive Rodolphe Saade told an economic conference in Aix-en-Provence in southern France, that the company’s agreement with Iran to lease space onboard vessels, […]

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  • News Clippings, 6 July 2018

    June factory data prompts fear of China production slowdown China’s National Bureau of statistics showed that its Purchase Managers Index fell by 0.4 in June when compared to the month before. The figures were based on a fall in production, new orders, exports and imports which all fell on a month-by-month comparison. However, a poll […]

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  • News Clippings, 28 June 2018

    US tightens air cargo security amid terror alert New air cargo security requirements have been quickly introduced by US authorities in response to a terror alert. Cargo operators were informed by the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) that changes were being made to the advance manifest submission requirements for cargo transiting the US and destined […]

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  • News Clippings, 14 June 2018

    China’s waste ban rebounds on Asian ports Following China’s decision to ban the import of waste paper and plastic products, other ports in Asia have come under pressure to import more of the cargo. In the latest development Cat Lai Port in Ho Chi Minh City has temporarily stopped accepting plastic and waste cargo from […]

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  • News Clippings, 24 May 2018

    US sanctions on Iran end MSC services MSC has become the first major container shipping line to announce plans to shelve direct services into Iran as the US gears up to re-impose sanctions, its decision to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal. A statement from MSC said: “In consideration of the impending US withdrawal from […]

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  • News Clippings, 17 May 2018

    CMA-CGM breakthrough order for largest LNG powered box ships CMA CGM’s new 22,000-TEU containerships will use the most powerful dual-fuel engines ever built. The ships will use LNG as marine fuel, which is relatively new to the box shipping sector. In November, CMA CGM specified dual-fuel engines for its nine new vessels. They will be […]

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  • News Clippings, 11 May 2018

    Massive investment in US airports Around $70 billion has been earmarked for construction projects at US airports. The projects are set to take place at 50 US airports in an effort to upgrade facilities, and should be completed by 2021. Technological advances have made major redesigns at airports possible. Many airports have made all the […]

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