• Carrier port schedule reliability hits new lows

    The record low levels of carrier schedule reliability experienced last year continued into the first two months of 2019. According to SeaIntelligence Maritime Analysis, the January-February average on-time performance on the transpacific trade sunk to 38.6% on the US West Coast (USWC), and just 31.5% on the US East Coast (USEC). “For the USEC, this […]

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  • Warning of serious consequences on mishandled containers

    Mounting concerns over the recent spate of costly containership fires have prompted a renewed focus on the correct declaration and handling of dangerous goods (DG). In March, a fire caused Grimaldi’s Grande America to sink off the coast of France, along with cargo that included a fleet of luxury cars. The incident capped off a […]

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  • Lack of supply stymies use of biofuel in aviation

    For several years now, biofuels have been used as a partial substitution in fuelling airplanes. The first test flight for a commercial airline, a cooperation between Virgin Atlantic and Boeing, took off in 2008. The technology has improved over the last decade, and there are now five processes for making internationally approved Sustainable Aviation Fuel […]

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  • The rise of the robots in warehousing

    As the logistics industry looks to drive down costs to maintain its competitive edge, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robots are becoming mainstream in warehouse management. According to a report by McKinsey Supply Chain 4.0, the Internet of Things (IoT), advanced robotics, analytics, and big data can potentially lower operational costs by 30 per cent, while […]

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  • Logistics industry faces multiple challenges to tackle skills shortage

    The future of logistics is full and thorough automation, but every time we arrive at the next milepost on the road to the future, we end up needing… people. No matter how hard we work to automate, we cannot escape the need to hire people to man every automated port, airport, rail yard, and e-commerce […]

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  • US-China trade war shifts sourcing

    Although the US-China trade war is currently on a 90-day truce commencing 1 December, many companies are still making the switch to move their supply chains, or at least partially, out of China. The American Chamber of Commerce in China surveyed 430 companies with supply chains in China, and approximately a third of those companies […]

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  • Shipping trumps airfreight in reducing emissions

    It seems many in the freight industry are attempting to do their part to reduce environmental impact. Freight shipping accounts for 16% of all corporate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, according to the Environmental Defense Fund. That number is expected to increase anywhere from 50% to 250% of the current total emissions by 2050 due to […]

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  • Air cargo industry pushes for greener transportation solutions

    With the worldwide push to lessen the environmental impact of air cargo, among other modes of logistics transportation, several steps are being taken to make the goal of a reduction in CO2 emissions a reality. The International Air Transport Association (IATA), claims that air transport as a whole contributes 2% of global carbon emissions, whereas […]

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  • Competitive barriers slow down data standardisation drive

    The container shipping industry decided to get serious about data standardisation in 2018, but competing initiatives and a reluctance to share commercially sensitive information could hinder faster progress. Often criticised as an antiquated industry ripe for disruption, container shipping’s digital transformation is now well underway. Eyeing a $200 billion market, tech-investors have poured money into […]

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  • ICC aims to simplify and streamline Incoterms

    The Incoterms are set to change in their once-a-decade revamp in 2020. The new terms are currently being drafted by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), which publishes the conditions. The Committee of Experts drafting the document is comprised of lawyers, traders and company representatives from around the world, including France, the UK, Germany, Turkey […]

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  • Extreme weather impacts the supply chain

    The World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Landscape 2018 highlighted extreme weather events as the most likely and highest impact risk of 2018. In the report’s short 13-year history, the landscape has seen all five environmental categories, as being the highest risk. These risks are naturally of great concern for businesses, and already a sobering reality […]

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  • News Clippings, 20 December 2018

    Tax payment reporting for road freight contractors Payments made to Australian road freight contractors will be subject to taxation from July 1, 2019.  TheAustralian Government passed a law that extended the Taxable Payment Reporting System (TPRS) to road freight. The measure has been introduced to countert he black economy where cash transactions are made without […]

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