Modern day executives have a mantra ‘work to live, not live to work’ and this is reflected in their choice of fashion accessories, such as watches, bags, tech gadgets, sports equipment and apparel.

“There is a growing interest from both males and females in dance, martial arts, football, , beach volleyball, cycling, surfing, Standup Paddle SUP, snowboarding and yoga to mention a few. The Action Sports sector targets the major brands and equipment associated with this kind of lifestyle,” said Greg Gordon, Head of Action Sports Sector, Global Sales, Toll Global Forwarding.

The big emerging markets for Action Sports globally are in Asia Pacific, India, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the Americas. In the US, retail growth in this sector is 15% higher year-on-year according to Forbes.

Overall global growth in retail sales in the sports lifestyle industry is running at 10% with a total value estimated to reach US$135 bn in 2016.

“We provide a complete supply chain management solution for customers in this sector. As fashion is one of Toll’s core business verticals, we are able to partner our customers on a global scale, leveraging our strong market position within our sector solution offerings,” added Greg.

With B2C or eCommerce rapidly growing, Action Sports is one of the sectors targeted by most major 3PLs. Toll has developed a deep understanding of how and why people are participating in action sports, and how fashion influences their activities and purchasing preferences.

“Music, technology and action sports are all merging through video gaming, such as Microsoft X-Box and Surface Pro, while online media such as YouTube and GoPro provide the communications links between active lifestyle culture and action sports in general,” explained Greg. “Now we are seeing a new generation of Actions Sports consumers purchasing products using their mobile devices, which they expect to be delivered in a few days. This is where Toll can provide the B2C solutions through its global supply chain management services to ensure timely delivery and customer satisfaction.”

From its origins in in Southern California, Action Sports is now a vibrant global business sector which has transcended into a lifestyle choice.

“Most of the major brands are based in Southern California and Australia, and we are supporting their international expansion in this fast-growing market through our global network. We are able to offer rapid customer on-boarding and the flexibility to grow to match their market presence and protect their brand image,” said Greg.