Gerry Woolf Editor, Batteries and Energy Storage Technology Gerry Woolf is a technology journalist based in the UK. In 2003, he launched Energy Storage Publishing Ltd (ESPL), which produces Batteries and Energy Storage Technology magazine, the leading international quarterly on battery manufacture and development.
  • Dull engineering doesn’t get headlines The root of the Tesla story (lithium battery manufacture) is so boring it’s no wonder Musk must resort to PR stunts. As a seasoned Electric Vehicle (EV) aficionado, the more press coverage I read about Tesla, the more I’m convinced about the collective ignorance of the press – especially the auto press. Designing and building […] 0 Comments November 23, 2017
  • Don’t believe hype about electric vehicles just yet Don’t get over excited about the rapid expansion of electric vehicle fleets. Do get excited about the rapid expansion of electrified vehicles which are quite another kettle of fish. The evidence is all over the European car market, with the silent invasion of “start-stop” technology, which is now the drive train of choice in both […] 0 Comments November 16, 2017