Cargo crimes in EMEA rose 60.9% in June this year when compared to the month before, driven by a surge in thefts from trucks at UK service stations amounting to a loss of US$9 million in a 30-day period.

Transported Asset Association’s (TAPA) Incident Information Service (IIS) in EMEA said the June spike in cargo crime was 9.5% higher than the same month in 2017. The UK accounted for 144 or 69.9% of crimes added to the IIS database in June.

TAPA’s IIS received intelligence on 206 freight thefts or attempted thefts in June in 12 countries across the region.

The average loss for the 13 major crimes (involving products worth US$115,000 or more) was US$359,000, while the average for all thefts in June with a value stood at US$62,000.

The biggest single loss was US$1.4 million worth of Chinese made clothing and footwear stolen from a trailer in a secure yard in Banbury in Oxfordshire, when thieves cut through a security fence and removed bollards from the entrance gates in order to steal the trailer using their own tractor unit.

However, 70.1% of losses were due to theft from vehicles in unsecured parking places, and IIS research said that the true cost of the theft can be between five and seven times the value – once all recovery costs, loss of business and insurance payments have been factored in.

In all crimes reported to the IIS there were 173 theft from vehicle crimes accounting for 83% of all cargo crimes.

Theft of cargo in unsecured locations represented 67.9% of all theft incidents reported to IIS in June. Intrusion such as the cutting of truck tarpaulins and the breaking open of vehicles’ security locks and seals accounted for 80.6% of June’s total.

It is evident that drastic action is needed by the industry and this was emphasised by Thorsten Neumann, Chairman of TAPA, “Finding more secure parking solutions to protect drivers, their vehicles and cargo loads has to be a priority for us. In June alone, we recorded another 140 freight thefts involving trucks which had stopped in unsecured parking locations, 67.9% of all incidents took place in a 30-day period. We cannot stand back and allow this to continue,” he told TAPA’s Vigilant magazine.

According to Torsten, 19 secure parking sites across EMEA have signed up to TAPA’s Parking Security Requirements Parking Declaration in an initiative that looks to standardise tougher anti-crime initiative to reduce the likelihood of cargo theft.