COSCO completes takeover of OOCL

China’s largest shipping line COSCO, formally completed its takeover of Hong Kong-based global carrier OOCL.

A statement issued by COSCO said that there would be a deepening of cooperation between the two shipping lines, but that OOCL will continue to operate as a separate brand and set its own business policy, pricing and approval systems.

Asian Shipper News

General Electric finds more cracked engine blades

An investigation by General Electric Co, has found flaws in fan blades on other aircraft, similar to those found in a fatal incident in April, in which a cracked blade broke off and sent debris into a window on a Southwest Airlines flight.

General Electric found a cracked blade during-post accident inspection of another Southwest Airlines plane and ‘four or five’ others in aircraft operated by other airlines.

The FAA issued a series of orders for carriers to look for cracks on all older CFM56-7B engines.

The engine is made by CFM International Inc., a joint venture between General Electric Co. and France’s Safran SA.

American Journal of Transportation