OOCL cancels more Asia Europe sailings

Orient Overseas Container Line (OOCL) has dropped its Loop 1 sailing on the Asia North Europe service following China’s National Day on October 1, due to low demand.

The Shanghai westbound service on October 7 and the eastbound Rotterdam service on November 9 will be cancelled.

This followed the cancellation of westbound and eastbound sailings of Loops 3 and 4 on the Asia Europe service in Weeks 40 and 45 also due to low demand.

Airbus orders kite technology for its ships

Airbus has signed an agreement to buy kite based parafoil technology, called Seawing, to help tow vessels used to transport aircraft parts between its facilities across Europe and the US.

The deal with AirSeas, will help Airbus to cut fuel costs by up to 20 percent with an aim to reduce the aircraft manufacturers industrial environmental footprint by 8,000 tons of C02 a year.

Airbus operates a fleet of four Ro-Ro vessels.

US resumes trade talks with Mexico and Canada

US President Donald Trump has announced his intention to sign a new trade deal with Mexico and opened talks with Canada, as the three countries look to re-shape the terms of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

Donald Trump told US Congress that he wanted to complete the new deal with Mexico within 90 days. Talks with Canada will resume on September 5.