Autonomous ships market to reach US$13.8bn by 2023

The autonomous ships market is estimated to reach US$13.8 billion by 2023, compared to US$6 billion in 2018 with Asia Pacific showing the highest potential for deploying the next generation vessels.

The report, by MarketsandMarkets finds that there is significant growth in world trade by sea, increase pressure on maritime navigation, growing demand for automation systems to enhance safety, and growing maritime tourism. All of these factors the report concludes will drive demand for autonomous vessels.

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Air cargo peak down as US-China tariffs bite

The air cargo peak season in 2018 season ended up being a disappointment as volumes fell between October and November, usually the busiest months.

According to WorldACD, the drop meant November’s volumes were down 1.4 per cent year on year and two per cent lower than from October.


ZIM signs up for new agreement on two Asia routes

ZIM has joined Maersk and MSC on two additional trades namely Asia – East Mediterranean and Asia – American Pacific Northwest.

The new strategic operational agreement will be a combination of vessel sharing, slot exchange and purchase. This follows a similar agreement between the carriers announced in July 2018 on the Asia-US East Coast Trade.

American Journal of Transportation