Controversy rages over open loop scrubbers

Following the decision by Port of Fujairah and Singapore to ban the use of open loop scrubbers, the Clean Shipping Alliance (CSA) has hit back claiming that there has been ‘fake news’ regarding the technology and its wastewater.

The concern is that the discharge from open-loop exhaust cleaning systems, designed to clean bunker fuel emissions, is polluting the world’s oceans. The CSA refutes these allegations.

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Apple Inc. supplier shifting some assembly to India and South east Asia

Hon Hai Industries, also known as Foxconn is moving some production of its Apple products to India and South east Asia from China as trade tensions threaten to increase costs in the PRC.

Another technology manufacturing company Pegatron Corp. also announced that it is moving its manufacturing of networking equipment to Indonesia from China as the company American Journal has been impacted by U.S. tariffs on Chinese imports.

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E-commerce driving demand for new heavy trucks

A survey by Fact MR found the logistics market represented the highest market share for Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGV), with Europe and Asia accounting for 45% of revenue. The report stated that much of the demand around the world for larger trucks was driven by increasing e-commerce.

FACT MR forecasted that there will global growth of more than 4% in the HGV sector during the next eight years. Europe and Asia Pacific (excluding Japan) will account for almost half (45%) of HGV revenue, with a 5.5% increase in trucks on roads in both regions.

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